En Nuestros Hoteles Contamos con estructuras que guardan todos los aspectos esenciales de nuestras propiedades, en nuestras habitaciones puedes vivir los contrastes que van desde la experiencia colonial de nuestras casas en el centro hasta la tranquilidad en las playas de Barú.

Hotel Casa Córdoba Barú

Magical place. Synonymous with dream, peace, harmony and relaxation. The musicality of its waves and the blue of the horizon make Casa Cordoba Baru a unique place that allows you to appreciate nature and fall in love with the most beautiful sunrises.


Hotel Casa Córdoba Román

Consisting of three apartments. Your ideal place to live the Cartagena experience independently; Located in the center of the walled city next to the cathedral and a five-minute walk from our Cordoba Estrella house. Casa Cordoba Román offers you all the comforts of a private apartment, fully equipped.

Hotel Casa Córdoba Estrella

Casa Estrella has an area of 982 m2, it is one of the few buildings in the city that have managed to preserve the Colonial style of the 16th century, in it you will find a real experience bathed in culture, history, magic and charm.

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