1. “Casa Córdoba” (»the Property») is located in Cartagena, Historic Center, Calle Estrella 4-27, Calle Román 5-21, Calle Cabal 32-18 and Península de Barú, Highway via Barú Km 10 - 348. El La Property is offered for rent in the name of Casa Cordoba SAS, a company registered at Calle Estrella # 4-27, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia ("the Agent") to the lessee ("the Client"). The Property will be rented either as the entire house or alternatively as individual apartments or rooms. The Client acknowledges that the rent of the whole house is more than the total rent of all the rooms individually. The Property will include any services provided by the Agent such as games, recreational activities such as water skiing, snorkeling, transportation with boats and cars, and the like. The person whose name appears in the Rental Contract - Reservation Form will be considered a Client. The Client will be a single person or a group / family.
  2. To reserve the property, the client and the agent must complete the rental contract - reservation form. Then the agent will send it to the customer by email. Subsequently, the Client will proceed to pay the initial non-refundable deposit (50% of the total rent agreed between the Client and the Agent). Upon receipt of the initial deposit, the reservation confirmation will be sent by email. This is the formal acceptance of the reservation and the beginning of the contract ("the Contract").
  3. If the Client reserves the Property through an online booking agency (clickandbook, booking, airbnb, expedia, flipkey, tripadvisor, Hotelbeds, Homeway, despegar, trivago or another booking agency) («the Online Agencies»), the terms and conditions of the Online Agencies, in particular with regard to reservations and the initial deposit, apply as a matter of priority to these General Conditions. However, the Client must complete and sign the Rental Agreement - Reservation Form no later than the day of the start of the rental period.
  4. If the Client cancels before the day of the start of the rental period, any deposit paid will be forfeited, whether the client is insured for this risk or not.
  5. If the Client wishes to change the reservation to another Property or transfer it to another date, if the Agent agrees to this in writing first, the Client will immediately pay the Agent an additional fee of 10% of the total agreed rent to cover administration costs.
  6. On the day of the start of the rental period, the Client must sign the Rental Agreement - Reservation Form, provide a copy of the passport or other identity document of all occupants of the properties and execute the payment of the rental balance together with the security deposit (see clause 8). If payment is not received by that date, the Agent reserves the right to refuse the Client's access to the Property and the Agent reserves the right to notify in writing or verbally that the reservation is canceled, after which any deposit paid will be forfeited whether the Client is insured for this risk or not.
  7. The Agent is solely responsible for the processing of personal data in compliance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013. For more information, you can consult the Agent about the information processing policy in [email protected]
  8. In addition, a security deposit amounting to one rental day will be required for the Property and will be refunded in whole or in part after the Property has been reviewed when the Client checks out. All outstanding invoices resulting from, for example, additional services provided by the Agent will be deducted from the security deposit. Likewise, all costs derived from breakages, losses or damages will be deducted from the guarantee deposit. In order to assess cost or liability, Agent will use reasonable efforts to repair breakages, replace losses, or settle damages at the lowest possible cost. If an object is part of a set of similar objects and, in the Agent's sole discretion, it is deemed difficult to repair, the cost or liability will be deemed to be the replacement of the entire set.
  9. The security deposit will not limit the Client's liability to the Agent for cost or liability for outstanding invoices and breakages, losses or damages. In the event that the security deposit is insufficient to cover such costs or responsibilities, the Client must pay an additional sum equal to the difference at the request of the Agent.
  10. The maximum number of people allowed to occupy the property should not exceed that established in the rental agreement - reservation form, unless the agent has granted a written permission. The Client may invite a guest on a temporary basis, but the Client undertakes to provide the Agent with all the information requested by him regarding said guest. The information can include name, date of birth or copy of identification or passport.
  11. The Client must not keep the following items on the Property: weapons without the corresponding license and issued by the corresponding authority, flammable substances, explosives or hallucinogens. Smoking is not allowed except in open spaces. The Agent promotes a healthy and safe work environment complying with the applicable legal requirements, according to Decree 1075 of 2015. The Agent is committed to the care for the environment and to comply with the sustainability requirements contemplated in NTS 002.
  12. Trafficking of flora and fauna It is a crime classified in Colombian environmental regulations, according to Decree 1608 of 1978 and it is a criminal offense, according to Law 599 of 2000. It is forbidden to carry out on the Property any activity that violates the Constitution of the National Police or rules of good behavior, or that in general materially or morally damage the building or the Property. Parties or similar activities are also prohibited.
  13. The Agent prohibits the access of bodyguards in the house as well as of children for sexual exploitation. The Agent rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with minors and contributes to compliance with Law 679 of 2001.
  14. The Client is strongly advised to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation coverage) and have full coverage to include group / family personal belongings, public liability, etc., as these are not covered by Agent's insurance.
  15. An inventory is available at …… and is considered part of the Contract. The Client is advised to verify the accuracy of the inventory and will formally declare any comments he may have before the start of the rental period. In the absence of such comments, the Client is deemed to accept the content of the inventory.
  16. The rental period will begin at 3:00 p.m. on the first day and end at 12:00 on the last day, as defined in the rental contract - reservation form. The Agent will not be obliged to allow access to the Property before the indicated time and the Client will not have the right to remain in the occupation after the indicated time, unless prior written agreement between both parties.
  17. The Client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take good care of the Property and, at the end of the rental period, to leave it in the clean and tidy condition in which it was found. The Agent reserves the right to pay from the security deposit any sum or sums to cover additional cleaning costs if the Client leaves the Property in an unacceptable condition. The Client also agrees not to act in any way that could cause inconvenience to residents of neighboring properties. The Client acknowledges that the Property is supposed to be represented on the website and in good rental condition, unless the Agent has informed the Client otherwise.
  18. The Agent reserves the right to privately use the rooms and kitchen of the domestic district, as well as the laundry room, technical rooms and the office at any time. The Agent also reserves the right to enter the Property at reasonable times to perform normal maintenance, which may include landscaping, cleaning, pool maintenance, and any other similar purpose. Under no circumstances may the Client touch or interfere with the equipment or materials of the pool or other similar equipment.
  19. All relevant clauses and recommendations made with respect to the Property are part of this Agreement. The Agent reserves the right to take any relevant action, including immediate termination of the Rental Agreement, if the Property, including the pool, boats and the like, and its land are abused or misused.
  20. While the Agent will have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the details contained in the website and in any other marketing material are accurate, the details of the houses, apartments and rooms may be modified, the facilities may be changed or the Properties may withdraw from the rental entirely. If the Agent were to cancel the Client's vacation in such circumstance and for any reason, the Agent will endeavor to transfer the Client's reservation to an equivalent alternative Property of the Casa Córdoba group, if available, or otherwise refund all monies paid .
  21. The Client does not acquire any rights to the Property, except occupation as a tenant during the reserved period. The Client has no right to sublet the Property. The Client will inform the Agent without delay of any defect in the Property or breakdown of the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances in the Property, garden or pool, and the Agent will arrange for repair and / or replacement as soon as possible. as possible.
  22. The Agent will not be liable to the Client:
  • For any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of any public service (Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet services, etc.) to the Property, nor with respect to any equipment, plant, machinery or apparatus in the Property, garden or pool during the rental period.
  • For any loss, damage or injury that is the result of adverse weather conditions, riots, wars, strikes or other matters beyond the control of the Agent during the rental period.
  • For any loss, damage or inconvenience caused or suffered by the Client if the Property is destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period and, in such case, the Agent must do so within seven days after notification of said event to the Client, reimburse the Client all sums previously paid with respect to the rental period, except 10% to cover administrative costs.
  1. Under no circumstances will the Agent's liability to the Client exceed the amount paid for the rental period.
  2. The Agent cannot accept any responsibility for injury to the Client or any visitor and loss or damage to the Client's or any visitor's belongings.
  3. No motor vehicle is allowed to park on the Property grounds without the Agent's written permission.
  4. The Agent cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any motor vehicle or its contents.
  5. With the exception of Casa Córdoba Roman, the bringing of food and beverages is subject to a corkage fee of 30% of its value, taking as a reference, among others, any menu provided by the Agent and another member of his group.
  6. It is prohibited to bring pets to the Property, except with the written permission of the Agent.
  7. Neither the owners nor the Agent assume any responsibility for injuries of any kind and that are caused in connection with the use of the pool. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. The head of the group / family is considered to be fully and exclusively responsible for any member of his group / family while on the property and specifically when using the pool.
  8. If the Client is more than one person, they are jointly and severally liable for observing and complying with the terms and conditions of this Contract.
  9. This Contract is fully regulated by Colombian law and will be deemed to have been made in Colombia. Any procedure that arises from or in connection with this Contract may be initiated in any court of competent Colombian jurisdiction.
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